World Health Day

DAILY LIFE HACKS World Health Day 2022: Date, History, Theme, and Significance Byyadavbarsa67April 7, 2022April 7, 2022Daily Life Hacks0 Comments   image World Health Day 2022:Five Secrets of a Healthy Mind Written By M.S. Yadav, Lecturer World Health Day 2022: Date, History, Theme, and Significance A happy mind lives in a healthy body, the […]

Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents Everyone possesses some hidden talents. Have you ever tried to find your talents? Do you follow the first principle in your life or do you just follow the second principle? We all have something special in us that makes us unique. Identification of talents needs to be established. Let us discover our hidden […]

Exams Phobia

Exams Phobia ! Do you have exams fear? Tips to reduce stress in exams Written by M.S. Yadav, Lecturer  Exams are commencing. Students, parents, and teachers are intensions. Exams are a year process and will remain forever. Tensions, stress, anxiety, and fatigue are common among students. It is everybody’s responsibility to reduce the stress of […]

Nodes in Blockchain Technology

M. S. Yadav, Lecture Have you ever heard of nodes in Blockchain technology? What function do they play in Blockchain? What are various types of nodes? A Blockchain consists of many blocks of data. These are stored on nodes that can be compared to small servers. On a blockchain, all these nodes are joined to […]

Shaeed Diwas(Martyrs’ Day) 23rd March- Big Salute !

Happy Martyrs’ Day 23rd March Let us celebrate and inspire our youth on this auspicious day called as Saheed Diwas and is observed on 23rd March every year to honor all the freedom fighters of India. Bhagat Singh Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary freedom fighter who was hanged to death by British colonisers at […]