Nium Pairs with Bitpay to Launch API-based Solution, Enhancing Crypto Payments for Business

[ad_1] Payments platform Nium has launched an API-based solution called “Crypto Accept”, which aims to provide crypto payments to businesses worldwide. The company said that Crypto Accept currently supports (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies for payment and will launch more cryptocurrencies in 2023. Nium is a fintech company that develops a global platform for business […]

How blockchain technology is transforming climate action

[ad_1] The United Nations Climate Change Conference of November 2021, known as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland urged the world to commit to curbing contributions to carbon emissions. Achieving a net-zero world in less than 30 years is causing many to turn to blockchain technology, buy carbon offsets, and spark renewed interest in carbon capture. The […]

Social Trading Company eToro Establishes $20m NFT fund

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency trading platform eToro has established a $20 million Non-fungible token (NFT) fund to buy NFTs and support creators and brands in the industry, according to CNBC. The launch of fund is part of eToro art’s plans and implies that eToro will create more services for investors and take a big step toward the […]

60 Minutes feature on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach will air Sunday

[ad_1] 60 Minutes, the CBS news show that has been running since 1968, will feature El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach in a new episode airing April 10. According to a Friday post from 60 Minutes’ Twitter account, the investigative news show will air a segment on the crypto-friendly area of El Zonte, a village located in […]

UNBLOK Provides Incentive-Based App Blockchain Solutions

[ad_1] UNBLOK LLC provides consumers with a revolutionary solution through blockchain technology, allowing users to use the application on their mobile phones without the need to conduct traditional application market research and get rewards. UNBLOK LLC is transforming the incentive-based applied market research business by focusing on payments via blockchain and cryptocurrencies, generating usage data, […]