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Vision And Mission

Read Learn Excel


A philanthropic, cooperative, kind, loving, peaceful, cheerful and loving attitude towards humanity where a harmony is there between technology and society.

Mission: Free Education and Counselling

We cultivate a method of Reading, Learning and Exceling in the life to become happy and cheerful with the help of blockchainchap team to educate the masses on the transformative potential of  blockchain technology ,Cryptocurrencies and Web3.O and their effects on our future life with human aspects. Our aim is to solve human problems by explaining some life hacks for the society. BLOCKCHAINCHAP will cover all on this website. Our Tagline is “Read Learn Excel”, means, we are going to make you learn all aspects of blockchain technology and its after effects on the society with the help of different techniques and courses for examples, computer security to finance. We will solve all doubts  and fear in the society about the new technology. Without any further delay, let’s dive down the into the sea of treasures and learn together THE BLOCKCHAIN.

Our background

We belong to a farming community and have being serving the community in different positions like teaching children, old people and doing social work by advising students and parents for the better future of their kids. We have been doing Yoga and meditation since long time regularly . Our kids are serving in Europe in computer and finance fields . Now, we have decided to help the community to provide the knowledge of different aspects of  Blockchain technology and its effects on society. Therefore, let us try to build  a technical and happy society where everyone will be cheerful.

A learning together with community for the future technology that never stands still

We are the first rural based  world’s First Digital Community focused on Blockchain Technology, Web3.O and cryptocurrencies which have become hot topics in our society. Blockchain Chap is helping students with latest trends in technology with the help of educators all over the world by using their expertise in these fields by using their sources and learning methods provided on different social media’s platforms.

Still a lot of work is required to help people online and offline !

It is our heartily desired that everybody should be happy on this planet with the advancement of technology  but unfortunately, uncountable people are downtrodden and live below poverty line in our country . therefore, our aim is to provide the knowledge of blockchain technology to the poor talented students . This way , they will excel in their life . Moreover, we will provide counselling for admission and jobs .

Let us find out the ways and methods to make the the poor to achieve their goals to become happy.


With Love and regards

The Blockchainchap team

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